Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 2011

Eclectic Head Check 11
Lana Del Rey... I don't think that name has appeared in print or online without the word "controversial" accompanying it. I get it - she likes to act like a down-home gangster Coco Chanel/Nancy Sinatra. Where's the controversy? Everyone needs a gimmick. Regardless, I was pretty sure I hated her until I listened to Joy O's rework of "Video Games" about 12 times (it''s hard to stop after the first couple).

Joy Orbison... the man can do no wrong. He really lets the vocals shine on this track, retaining Lana's rootsy affectations, but while taking the listener to outer space and back.

This is a quick mix inspired by Burial's "Ghost Hardware." The mix, like the song, features haunting female vocals sprinkled throughout. And it's pretty smooth if I do say so myself.

Eclectic Head Check 11 by NickRock

Track List
1. Bobby Hutcherson - Slow Change (live)
2. Neil Landstrumm - Rockers 'The Underground King'
3. Burial - Ghost Hardware
4. Robert Glasper - Maiden Voyage/ Everything in its Right Place
5. Common - Go
6. Linda Lewis - Old Smokey (excerpt)
7. Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans (Odd Future/Syd the Kid/the Internet remix)
8. Lana Del Rey - Video Games (Joy O remix)
9. Lusine - Two Dots
10. Michael Cooney - Bucks of Oranmore